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Item Definition (english) Definition German
 AAD Australian Antarctic Division n.a.
 AAMS Australian Airmail Society n.a.
 AAT Australian Antarctic Territory n.a.
 Amal Amalgamated n.a.
ANARE Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions .
ANDA Australian Notes and Coin Dealers Association
AO Allowance Office
AP Australia Post
APF Australian Philatelic Federation
APMnnnn Australian PictorMarks graphic Reference Number
APO Army Post Office
APTA Australian Philatelic Traders Association
AX Automatic Exchange
BIC Bicentennial cancel
CAX Country Automatic Exchange
CBD Office located in Central Business District of Sydney
CDC Circular Date cancel
CDS Circular Date Stamp
CL Closed
CMA Community Mail Agency
CN Changed Name
CPA Community Postal Agency
CPS  Counter Printed Stamp
CSB  Commonwealth Savings Bank Agency (from 1913)
CTR Abbreviation for Counter on a CDS
DPO  Distributing Post Office (Mail Network)
EPOS Electronic Point of Sale
FBS Free Bag Service
FDC First Day Cover Ersttagsbrief
FDI First day of issue
FDU First day of use
FPO Field (or Forces) Post Office
fr from
GP General Purpose (Cover)
GPO General Post Office
GSB Government Savings Bank (1871 – 1912)
IMC Interim Mail Centre
IMSO Interim Mail Sorting Office
L o C Lines of Communication
LDU Last day of use
LPO Licensed Post Office
MOO Money Order Office
M/R Abbreviation for Mail Room on a CDS
Ms Manuscript cancelation
MSO Mail Sorting Office
NC Numeral Canceller
NOPO Non-official Post Office
NPB National Philatelic Bureau
NPC National Philatelic Center
OPO Official Post Office
opt(d) overprint(ed)
PB Philatelic Bureau Melbourne
PC Post Code
GPO General Post Office
PO Post Office
PN Postal Note Office
PMG Post Master General
PNC Postal Numismatic Cover
PO Post Office
POA Post Office Agency
PPE Pre-paid envelope
PSE Pre-stamped envelope
P&T Official Post and Telegraph Office
GPO General Post Office
QVB Queen Victoria Building PO NSW 1230
Qr Quarter
RH Receiving House
RO Receiving Office
RSD Roadside Delivery
SCAX Small Country Automatic Exchange
SN Specialist Notes (Philatelic and Stamp Bulletins)
SPC Stamp Promotion Council
T.O. Telephone or Telegraph Office
TPO Travelling Post Office
UPS Unit Postal Service